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About Nagercoil Tourism

The capital city of Kanyakumari, Nagercoil Tamilnadu, was a part of Kerala state until 1956. Deriving its name from the famous rock temple Nagaraja, the city is an important chapter in the history of Tamilnadu state tourism.

Exploring The Nagaraja Temple

The Nagaraja temple situated here has its own charm that is irresistible. Though Nagaraja (Serpent God) is the presiding deity, the images of Lord Siva and Anathakrishna (Vishnu) are can also be find here. The Nagaraja idol is based on the ground where it was thought to be found.

The prasadam that is given to the devotees is wet sand scooped out from the ground. The images of the Jain Theerthakaras, Mahavira and Parswanathar are also found in the beautifully engraved pillars of the temple.

Places To See In Nagercoil Tamilnadu - Tourism Attractions

Although beside Nagaraja temple there is not so much to see in Nagercoil yet there are few of the famous tourist places that you can see on your trip. Here are few of them:

» The Clock Tower
  • The 100 years old clock tower is located right in the heart of the city.
  • It was the European missionary who came to Travancore and gifted the clock tower to Maharajah of Travancore.

» Udayagiri Fort - The Military Base
  • Located just 14 km from the main city, the Udaygiri Fort has a great importance from the historical point of view.
  • During the Travancore rule the fort served as the military base for the empire.
  • Built in 1600 AD, Udaygiri fort was rebuilt by Marthanda Varma.
  • The biggest attraction to see here is a brass gun which is 16 feet long and is almost impossible to move.

» Tirunelveli - The Temple City
  • Located around 6 km from Nagercoil, Tirunelveli is a famous place to. The place is popular for some ancient temples located here.
  • Even the famous Kanthimathi - Nellaiyapper Temple is situated in Tirunelveli.
  • The brilliant architecture of the temple is really worth watching.

» Padmanabhampuram Palace
  • Padmanabhampuram Palace served as the royal residence of the Travancore empire.
  • The influence of the Kerala architecture can be clearly seen on the palace as it was earlier in the Kerala state.
  • For over 400 years it was under the Travancore empire rulers.

How To Reach Nagercoil Tamilnadu

» By Air : The nearest airport is at Trivandrum located at a distance of about 100-km from Nagercoil. It is directly connected with Bangalore, Mumbai, Cochin, Delhi, Goa, and Chennai by regular flights.

» By Rail : Kanyakumari is the nearest railway station, which is well connected by train services with all the places in India.

» By Road : Nagercoil is well connected by road with the neighboring towns and cities. For local transportation, taxis and auto rickshaws are available.