"A spectacular destination of ancient wisdom bestowed with eternal grace of nature!"

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MM Hotels
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GRT Regency Kanchipuram
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About Kancheepuram Tourism

The ancient capital of the Pallava rulers and once one of the most sacred cities of India, Kancheepuram Tamilnadu today is known for its famous silk sarees and ancient temple all over. Situated 76 km from Chennai this city is known as the 'City of Thousand Temples'. One can also find the mention of Kancheepuram in the Indian mythology. Lets explore its different aspects with Kanchipuram tourism.

Kancheepuram Travel - Know The History

Once called the 'City of Thousand Temples' today Kancheepuram is left only with 126 temples complex most of them are in Kanchi (and are a popular tourist attraction of Kancheepuram tourism). Being under the control of the Cholas as far back as the 2nd Century BC and a Pallava capital between the 6th and 8th centuries, the city was considered to be a very sacred place for the Hindus.

Today Kanchi is well known for its finest silk sarees made in the country. Come here to see the brilliant Dravidian architecture depicted through these rock temples that are today preserved by TTDC Kancheepuram and ASI.

» The land of eternal reverence!
The city of a Thousand Temples Ancient Kancheepuram, the city of thousand temples, is one of the most sacred pilgrim centres for the Hindus. There now remain 126 temples in Kanchi and a few more in the outskirts. This city was under the control of the Cholas as far back as the 2nd Century BC and a Pallava capital between the 6th and 8th centuries.

Kanchi is also a well known centre of the finest silk sarees made in the country. Kanchi has magnificent temples of unique architectural beauty bearing eloquent testimony to its glorious Dravidian heritage. Adi Sankara established his episcopal seat (Kamakotipeetam). Kancheepuram is the birth place of C.N. Annadurai, former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu affectionately called as "Anna" by the people of Tamil Nadu.

Kancheepuram Tamilnadu - Tourism Attractions

» Sakkiswarar Temple : Built by the Cholas, Sakkiswarar temple is located near the Kamakshi Amman Temple.

» Vaikuntha Perumal Temple : Here you can see numerous ancient inscriptions that are related to the wars between the Pallavas and the Chalukyas. Dedicated to Lord Vishnu the temple was built by the Pallava King Nandivarman Pallavamalla, in the 7th century AD.

» Kailasanatha Temple : Was built by Rajasimha and his son Mahendra the 3rdand 8th century AD.

» Ekambareswarar Temple : The main attraction to see here is the 57 meter high Rajagopuram, which is one of the tallest towers in South India.

» Kamakshi Amman Temple : This is one of the three holy places of Shakti worship in India. The other two are in Madurai and Varanasi. The temple in its present form was built by the Cholas, during the 14th century AD.

How To Reach Kancheepuram

» By Air : Chennai is the nearest airport to Kanchipuram. One can take flights for most of the important Indian cities and important cities abroad from Chennai.

» By Rail : Trains for Kanchipuram are available from Chennai, Chengalpattu, Tirupati, and Bangalore

» By Road : Kanchipuram is 75 km away from Chennai and is well connected by a network of roads. intercity drives too.

Accommodation In Kanchipuram

You might have to face some difficulties searching for good place to live in here. Most of the lodges are situated near the city bus stand. Some guesthouses also provide nice place to live operated under TTDC hotels in Kanchipuram. Here are few of them

Kanchi Kudil - 4 star hotel
Hotel Baboo Soorya - 3 star hotel
Shelter Beach Resort - budget beach resort etc.